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Hey! I've had another crazy idea

If I decided to put together a small festival of jazz and improvised around late June in Derby, would you come to it?

And if you're interested in WHY I would ask this now: FAR TOO MANY OF YOU PEOPLE have been e-mailing me, offering interesting projects. And I have said "probably not" to loads of you [or at least, I'm about to—I'm drafting one such e-mail right now]. And I feel totally justified in doing this, because I have little or no money to put you all on [yes—I am a not-for-profit programming outfit run entirely by one volunteer; much like everywhere else in the U.K. where you gig and manage to be paid]. And yet, you keep asking for gigs. And I would really love to see you all here. SO—if I get a good response here from DERBY people and musicians, I will put in for some money to make sure musicians are paid. And if I don't get that money but everyone STILL wants it to happen, we'll see what we can do to make it work.But I need to hear from you.

Offers of help [whether in people power or financial] would be graciously received!

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Corey Mwamba

20th Mar 2015 | 9:14am

There is a follow-up: the short version is that I'm now thinking about September, to give those people who are interested some time as well...

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