Corey Mwamba


LJF[-ish] round-up

It's hurtling towards London Jazz Festival time again, which means I'm down in London for about two weeks. Here's what I'm doing...

The first is on the first day of the festival with the trio: we're working with three London schools on collective improvisations, and we'll be presenting these and also playing a short set! If you are near Rich Mix and fancy a musical lunch break, head down: it's free!

The second is also with Dave and Joshua; but also with Cath Roberts and Anton Hunter in their guise as Ripsaw Catfish. We're combining forces and playing new material written by the duo.

The final one is with one of my favourite saxophonists, Rachel Musson. We're on a double bill with Alphabets, the name of a fantastic trio with Nick Malcolm, Hannah Marshall and Lauren Kinsella. It's been organised by the saxophonist Julie Kjaer as part of the InSoundOut concert series.

And just outside Festival time, I'm playing at Jazz In The Round with Nat Birchall!

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