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corporate game music

This is more a joke/response than anything else.

1) I was on a music discussion panel with a music journalist who stated that people didn't care about people who played instruments on records any more; that people couldn't really tell the difference between computer music and live music; that live music was irrelevant; And that owning 5000 tracks of classic soul on his iPod wasn't the ultimate irony.

2) Over the course of my "career" in music I have been told to make music that sounds more like the music other people make. I actually think I do this fairly often; but still...

And so, here is a bebop-influenced smooth jazz-fusion solo on MIDI vibes over synth strings and bass, with a fairly regular [yet quantised] beat. Not that anyone listening would know, of course. Will it make the charts?

The Lick is in there for reference just so you can clock the genre!

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