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Please help the trio fund a new recording!!!

Hello! Can I convince anyone to help fund a album by the gorgeous openness that is Corey Mwamba | Dave Kane | Joshua Blackmore?

We're going to ACTUALLY RECORD a proper album next year—and I'm aiming for a deadline of March to release.

Embrace Arts in Leicester has kindly donated their acoustically stunning concert hall to do the recording. The hall has a perfect balance of sound, even at the lowest volumes! It's very exciting...

But we'd really appreciate your help in making it happen. We know times are hard, so we're trying to keep the effort required low. I'm not setting a limit to raise—every little helps and we're very grateful for the help!

All you have to do is buy one [or more] of the current trio downloads, at more than the lowest price (£3!); and share that link with your friends so that they buy it too. It's as simple as that!

If you buy all four albums, I'll put you down for a free physical copy of the new album [which will have your name in the acknowledgements], signed; as well as a free download of the album.

So head to the link and grab some open living music! Thanks very much to everyone that supports us!

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