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That's right—the site's totally different again.

The first thing I hope you notice is that very little has actually changed - it's more of a revision than a redesign. The site is now really quite big; not to mention the fact that the amount of content that I have put on the Internet through my other blogs also comes to quite a lot too. I've shuffled things around and I think there are some real improvements in readability.

Log in, say who you are, whoever you are

This is the major addition and could allow for all sorts of things in the future. I'm not interested in making you register here, or hoarding your detail: but if you want to comment on here then it'd be nice to identify you without your having to type your name in each time. So you can now use several existing services to do so. If you have an account at any of these sites, you'll be able to sign in:

In keeping with my preference towards W3C technologies, I've implemented the very new WebID; and there's a slower e-mail verification system. Getting all that fixed led to another addition...

Comments everywhere

You can now comment on my gigs, my status updates as well as any of my rambling here. It'd be great to hear from you!

Sensible and vaguely grammatically correct URLs

Simply put: is an awful URL.

It's now I'm still using numbers because I like numbers.

I'll be applying that logic to the gigs too. You'll be able to head to to see the full list of gigs, but if you want the details for a particular gig it'll be for example.

Rest your eyes

I've increased the size of the main body of text, and reduced its width. This should help when reading the screen. I haven't finished the tweaking for mobile device users yet, but it shouldn't be too bad as is.

Let me know what you think, and if there are any problems! And at some point I will finish the three separate drafts for articles I have waiting to post...

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