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Happy birthday to the site!

One of my abiding [and formative] influences is the amazing pianist Jessica Williams. When I first made the site I looked at her site and she said that writing your own web-site was easy, so I got to it. In July 2003, she sent me the nicest message:

Corey- the site is cool. And I see you've got the Glish and the Edge links. Tres avante! I'd like to let tables go too but right now,for my audience that still uses N4 and lower, I have to keep playing the 'oldies'. I like the quip about 'great'. We all have our moments,but most of mine are just 'totally average'. Stay hip- J

and I have tried to stay "hip" with this since! LOTS of things have changed over the time of course. The only reason why I have a site is that I was once asked by a tourist if I had one, after making a joke about being an international superstar. Now, of course I'm still not an international superstar, but the reason why I have a site is completely different. How people transmit information is entirely different too. I never really thought that I'd spend most of my waking hours on a computer; and yet I do.

A lot of that time is put towards growing and tending to the site; making sure it doesn't doesn't show its age and staying at least aware of the ecosystem the site inhabits, even if I don't use the newest tool or web-craze. With the creation of new web-services, I've had to check them out, sign up and connect just to stay in the loop; but nothing has come along to replace this. It was alive before [and from the looks of it, will out-live] MySpace, which I'm still on. Who knows how long Facebook or Twitter, et al. will last; I was told MySpace was the place, and badgered into it by Steve Lawson, which—in many ways—is ironic.

I have written this before, but it is worth saying again: if you're thinking about using the Internet, own your space. Make it yours. Yes, there are all sorts of sites you can join and be "social" but when it boils down to it you have to be an individual too, and having your own space is the best way to do it, and there are more tools to help you do that. It takes a bit of time; but it isn't that difficult and gives you the most rewarding contact with other people—a sociable one.

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