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Alexander Hawkins Ensemble

As you possibly know—and if you don't I'm letting you know now—Alex Hawkins is coming to Derby next month. I want to point out this gig to you for two reasons.

  1. Alex is really, really good

    ...and this of course is the primary reason to go anything. Luckily for you I'm not the only person who thinks this: his album, No Now Is So was liked by every magazine that reviewed it and Alex has a great reputation as a pianist among the large family of musicians; and

  2. non-festival jazz gigs in summer in Derby are rare

    ...because historically a lot of jazz promotion organisations and co-ops [Derby Jazz included] have taken and still take similar breaks to schools and colleges.

I hear all sorts of reasons as to why, including the fact that there are a lot of festivals in the summer and people are on holiday. But I say, what about those who don't/can't/won't go on holiday? We don't suddenly stop wanting to listen to concerts because the weather gets better.

Alexander's tour is this July; so you can catch him in Reading, Oxford, London and Newcastle as well. The Derby date is the only one in the Midlands, so if you're from around here, this is a great chance to catch him and hear some fantastic music in your region, which is why I decided to put the gig on. It's a pity for me that Orphy can't do the Derby date as I was hoping to have a nice day of listening—so I'm subbing for him. But I suspect this is a band where I'll be VERY quiet and trying to keep up!

I hope that's convinced you. Please grab a ticket! They're reasonably priced, and will help pay the room and band! Just head to the gigs page.

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