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Gargantuan shop update

I now have sorted out MP3 downloads here, so there's no need to wait for me to send you a CD! If you want to show me some support head over to the shop and let me know what you think!

But no previews... blame and its weird changes. I quite liked for listening, and it was also good for attracting listeners—I'd always try to offer free things on there, and set all the tracks for full length streaming.

But the the full-length streaming has gone: and so the only way you're going to be able to hear them is if you listen them here, on my site. Since I'm Flash-phobic, it'll be through the SVG player I made a couple of months ago—which cuts out a fair few people. Sorry. But when your browser comes to support HTML5 [which it will have to in some way] then all of this will be easier—for listeners and independent musicians.

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14th Apr 2010 | 8:05pm

But—I have changed my mind about the MP3. For size/quality compromise [as well as the fact that I like to be consistent] I'll be settling for Ogg Vorbis, at 192KB/s.

AND there'll be two freebie albums too.

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