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Corey Mwamba


A quiet test of technology

UPDATE [9th Mar.] Lovely guitarist Han-earl Park has asked for a screenshot, so I've put one in!
This is a break in service. I'm being a nerd. Indulge me, eh?

screenshot of this page, showing the SVG audio button coolnessThis isn't going to work for some of you—actually, it won't work for you if you're using Internet Explorer, and that's lots of you. But, when Microsoft decides to catch up with everybody else, you'll be fine.

After this sentence, anyone using up-to-date versions of Opera, Chrome, Safari [or a testing version of FireFox] will see a small button. But unfortunately, you're not one of those people. Sorry. If you click it [sorry, clicking with a mouse only, at the mo], you'll hear the current podcast.

Exciting, eh? I'm trying here just to see if it works. If you are using a modern browser that works, let me know what you think!

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Han-earl Park

7th Mar 2010 | 4:52pm

Also works with iCab 4.1.1 and Camino 2.0.2 (not surprising since it’s basically Gecko).


7th Mar 2010 | 5:52pm | replying to Han-earl Park

Sweet, thanks! I think the Mac browsers are very much ahead of FireFox in terms of web standards... And I was wrong about Chrome too: inadequate handling of Javascript.

Do you get sound too? Opera 10.00 users won't, but 10.50 users will.

Han-earl Park

7th Mar 2010 | 6:03pm | replying to Corey

Actually, no, don't get audio on either browser, just the svg image/click-over. If I find a spare minute, I'll try and figure out what's happening on this end.


7th Mar 2010 | 6:15pm | replying to Han-earl Park

Ah. I think I can help there. Current Gecko browsers [for those who don't know, that's Firefox, iCab, Camino, Mozilla and lots of other things] implements quite a bit of SVG 1.1... but audio and video is in SVG 1.2 Tiny. However, the testing versions of those browsers work, and thus it'll work for you, probably very soon.


9th Mar 2010 | 8:05am

Big update: Microsoft officially announced that they would be supporting SVG in Internet Explorer 9, so this all may come sooner than you think!

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