Corey Mwamba


Where the HELL have you been? Part 285

Well, I literally haven't stopped in a lot of ways: but the work at school has ended for the moment, and I get to think of more new and exciting things; Derby Dance Centre have got me doing the music coordinating on one of its project [the timescale is a bit short to be honest—and it seems to be taking up more of my time each day— but it'll be fine]; and I've been fooling around on the MySpace thing, which has made me a whole load of new friends and re-acquaintances.

School ended with my getting the staff to play the game that the children and I created. It's a strategy game using coordinates, and no music in sight [this might sound odd to some who don't know me as a freakish avid thinker of games] that ties in team-working skills too. It was interesting and funny sending off some of the staff for "fouls" and watching their reactions—some of them were worse than the kids [but parhaps not as bad as professional footballers].

I've also been listening to the Reith lectures; they've been absolutely fab, with Daniel Barenboim saying many profound things in enlightening yet easy to understand ways [I sometimes found myself thinking, "THAT'S what I meant when I tried to think about that. But I didn't know how to say it." That's when I wasn't just amazed by it all]. They're almost all available on the BBC web-site, so do give them a listen, even if you're not mad keen on orchestral music, as he gives many great insights on life and living, as well as music.

The MySpace thing has been a bit weird—I've become a bit obsessed, to tell you the truth, but I think I'm far too shy for it—I don't automatically select everyone I think is great. There's something about connecting with people over the Internet that I find a bit... not quite right. But when you see all the other people on there, it feels a bit safer and normal [more normal than the people I'm meeting in real life sometimes!]... what I'm essentially saying is that it doesn't feel like I'm on some kind of strange dating site which is along with hypodermic syringes one of my greatest fears.