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A clarification

Last time, I said

I intend to pack out next year [which is a good thing really, considering... I'll be clearer about this next time].

Well, this is next time, I guess; I took the difficult decision of resigning as a librarian in December; and it's taken ages to get around to writing about it here because I was still fairly upset about it.

The reasons why I've left are not especially interesting, and certainly are not uncommon: there are a lot people wanting to make things happen, even if it's in "small ways". You go to work, do what you can, generate new ideas, different ways of working... and sometimes people just do not want to change, no matter what. It tends to be those who have been there for a while or those in charge. Rather than sit there, keep my head down, just collect the pay each month and be miserable, I decided to leave, go back to being full-time on the music side and be happy.

It's unfortunate; there's a lot to libraries and a lot of dedicated people there; I will miss my colleagues [even though I'll still pop in there to research stuff]. I guess I find it difficult to survive in risk-aversive cultures; I hope that the library I grew up with doesn't suffer as society changes around it.

Still, it means that I'm back [although having done a large-scale project, it feels like I haven't been away—the break from music never really worked out the way I hoped], and people are offering me work, so I'm quite pleased that I'll be busy when I leave.

Rant over.

What else have I been up to? Well, played with Graham Foster and Walt Shaw on Sunday for a tsunami appeal. My back was giving me problems all the way through—a consequence perhaps of not being able to warm up beforehand, and having not played for ages. However, the place was rammed and people enjoyed what we did. The event raised £1039 for the Disasters Emergency Council; so well done to Ben for setting it up!

Still trying to score the parts out for April 12, mutter mutter, grumble grumble. Working on some educational things and devising plans for when I leave the library service. It's always the little things [heh].

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