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Entries for Nov 2015

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webmentions people, could you please mention and help me test?

Today has been a bit coding-heavy.


Bennie Wallace is making coding go a lot easier.

Another morning; another life-draining session with IndexedDB.

If you're looking for previous posts for the #MBL, head here:

Morning listening: Tommy Smith's Paris, then Bheki Mseleku's Celebration.

Well. From the conversation I've had on the train, it sounds like I have two years before I will not be able to do my job unless I drive.

A quiet sadness about the loss of life through lack of talking.

Two lovely gigs down... But today it's all about The Spirit Farm!

Yesterday was too manic for video posting: apologies. So—there will two days' worth today. But not yet...

Great to see new and familiar faces for Orphy Robinson's SPonTANeoUS CoSMic RAwXtra. Let's hope it's not another six years!

And although it was a short set, great to make such deep music in the duo with Rachel Musson. Resolved to get more people to hear us!

Didn't get to catch as much I would have liked at the LUME Free Stage, but did hear Tom Ward's fantastic Menagerie set. The crowd was buzzing!

Vast amount of fun with Spirit Farm (Adam Fairhall, Dave Kane, Anton Hunter) yesterday. More of that please!

Halfway through the first third of Festivalvember.

London Jazz Festival has been a blast so far; @but next week it's JazzUK #4jazz and GIO!

Gig number four done! Great time with Robert Mitchell last night; and good to hear Shane Forbes and Nat Facey too.

If you'd like to help the mallet and bow fund, head here!

Did I mention I was home? No? Well I am.

The month of British and Irish Listening slowed down owing to lack of head-space over LJF, but will resume!

Coventry–Glasgow-Coventry-Glasgow-Edinburgh. C major-train-trek.

Right! Off we go.

Wow... Last night with GIO, Marilyn Crispell, Keith Tippett and Maggie Nichols was incredible!