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Entries for 12th Feb 2014

I'd shared this on Facebook last week, but forgot to post it here:

from llirrub

Why it's important to make programmes like that is very simple: sometimes we need to see people like ourselves to aspire.

The more chances we have to see a wide range of people achieving, the more inspiring it is to a wider range of people. It is that simple.

If there's an idea about bringing a wide range of people to your field, ask: can everyone see people like themselves doing what I do?

And some will remember this, when I posted my thoughts clinically to Twitter:

But perhaps it's time to be clearer. Not seeing people like ourselves does create a barrier to access.

That barrier isn't always something that can be fixed immediately, though. But realising it is there is a good move.

Understanding the barrier, and how to mitigate its effects, is a long conversation and [I think] a right step.

But we seem to spend longer on talking about WHO is creating the barrier, rather than the barrier itself.

My god. An update to PAM totally messed up the laptop, required a full re-install. Not upgrading anything now until after the essay!