Corey Mwamba

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Sipping Rioja at Home

Electronica, folk, improvisation and drink. (£3+)


Arrangements of the sounds of the Northern Lights. (£0+)

Popular Delusions

An essay on modern sub-Saharan Africa/UK/US relationships. (£3+)

Songs for the New Folk

A collection looking at change in environment, diaspora and community. (£3+)

images of a verdant land

Short suite of piano sketches about Derbyshire. (£0+)

the group of one

A solo set recorded in London. (£0+)


Large commission for Derby Jazz's 30th anniversary. (£3+)


Duo explorations from Manchester. (£0+)

Leeds-Oxford Derby

Intimate improv set in Leeds. (£0+)


Trio story-telling in Leeds. (£5+)

hear us listen

Trio shakedown in Derby. (£5+)

In The Vortex

New stories and myths from the trio, plus a special guest, in London [Double CD]. (£5+)


The trio heats up Newcastle. (£5+)

Everybody's Reading

The trio's first long-form composition, inspired by reading and books. (£5+)

embrace {dirty}

First half of a great trio gig in Leicester. (£5+)


trio deep grooves and abstraction in Hackney. (£5+)

don't overthink it

The trio's first studio album. (£8+)


Healing full set from Leeds. (£5+)

studio drama {dirty}

Dark sound from Derby. (£5+)

City of Skopje Museum

Large conduction in Macedonia. (£0+)


The first duo album; acoustic, improvised, vibrant. (£0+)


New format for the podcasts! (£0+)

the worm

A North-Eastern myth becomes political reality. (£0+)

one and other

Our first gig - a new beginning. (£3+)