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CCA Glasgow, Glasgow

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27th Nov, 5:15am

Right! Off we go.

26th Nov, 4:12pm

All the trains!! Up to Glasgow with GIO tomorrow!!

25th Nov, 1:52pm

New gig: Mckenzie and Mwamba -

25th Nov, 1:23pm

Coventry-Glasgow-Coventry-Glasgow-Edinburgh. C major-train-trek.

24th Nov, 8:44am

Looking forward to the runnings with Dave Kane and Joshua Blackmore in Coventry...

23rd Nov, 3:11am

The month of British and Irish Listening slowed down owing to lack of head-space over LJF, but will resume!

23rd Nov, 3:09am

Did I mention I was home? No? Well I am.

19th Nov, 11:58am

Gig number five (of six) tonight!

18th Nov, 5:34pm

If you'd like to help the mallet and bow fund, head here!

18th Nov, 10:09am

Gig number five is with Richard Spaven!