Corey Mwamba


Entries for Sep 2015

I was interviewed by Sussex Jazz Magazine! Also contains opinions on funding.

After many years of Fluxbox, switched to JWM. The difference in responsiveness is astounding!

New gig: Chicago–London Vibration: AACM at 50—

The last few days have been big thinking ones; lots of ideas about music, "external" and "internal" systems.

If you want a good marker for "arts as commodity", examine the phrase "creative industries".

yana had a ball at Brighton Alternative Jazz Festival! Thanks for coming if you did!

bash-fuzzy-clock plays really nicely with Conky and jwm: just use the Swallow element to contain Conky in .jwmrc.

<Tray x="-1" y="0" height="40" width="0" autohide="off">

<Swallow name="time-power">conky -c ~/.desktop-settings/conky-time-power</Swallow>

<!— other options —>   


Looking forward to playing with Matt Ratcliffe in Wirksworth on Friday, assuming they don't stop us like they did Juxtavoices!