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Entries for Jan 2014

Morning! No Coltrane postings, as I'm currently breaking the back of the contrafact essay.

Taking a long hard look at Tristano and having issues with writing about him [a sense of bitterness that dipped into the wrong side?].

Found something of pianist Ethan Iverson's from 2011 that adds a healthy perspective.

In some ways it's lucky I'm writing about Tristano's adulation for Parker, which I think was large.

But some comments tip a too far past the scale of "embittered genius" to not be called out.

I forgot to mention that I got a distinction mark for my presentation!

I knew just before Christmas: a very nice surprise.

New Ramble: Coltrane's way of seeing (III)—

Just seen on the news in the pub that some crazy kid did a tour with a guitar by train. CRAZY

Between the writing about jazz, I've been trying to think about mediaeval notation, and organisation of improvisation.

It's been fascinating examining the 10th-13th Centuries. There are ideas that got "discarded" that you then see in 60s "modernism"...

Cage's collection of notations looks relatively commonplace from that perspective.

It's also really curious how much of my own notation bear resemblances to the mediaeval work.

I did not know anything about those systems until I started looking into it a couple of years ago...

...but I'm loving the way little flashes of the 20th Century appear; forgotten analogues

I'm thoroughly enjoying learning and asking questions at the moment.

Amiri Baraka. The United States has lost a great poet and revolutionary writer.

Really getting into Jimmy Jones. He has a great sense of tastefulness.

Here's Jones with his trio. Again, there's a great mix of elegance and drive.

Off to record for saxophonist Gary Reader! Some lovely new tunes to play...

Always check when buying a "new" old laptop: IDE or SATA? As disk cloning is dull... very dull.

One wish: that kids are taught how to re-use and mod older laptops.

And Linux. Of course, I have a bias towards this. But in terms of saving money and developing technological skills I think it makes sense...

London bound! Hope to see you at the Oxford, later.

The first Our Own Decay gig with Nick Malcolm and Simon Roth was hot! Really enjoyed Joe Wright's Nightjar—a band to check...

Nick Malcolm's new music is so rich, yet spacious. More excited to be working in new music each time.

Ah! Celebratory essay-finishing pint and a book by Jennifer Clement. Bliss!

Thoroughly frustrating loss of umbrella at Derby station.

Right. The Midlander is travelling slightly earlier than planned. See you soon, Newcastle!