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Entries for May 2011

But if you have a gander at the gigs page, you'll see I've been busy acquiring work—so with luck I'll see you at a gig!

VAST CHANGE on the gigs page—please take a look!

As you know I've been coding backend things for the site—the gigs page is done, and I've just got the rambles page [oh yes, it WILL become easier to update] to go...

New podcast, new ramble, more gigs... what's going on?? A sudden surge of productivity... now for coffee!

Just doing some topping and tailing—all the feeds for the site are valid now, so apologies to those that were having problems.

Wonderful singer Juliet Kelly has posted a very interesting read—in which she mentions that's it's difficult to get journalists out to gigs. I ask: why is it easier for a publication to send a journalist out to Bremen in Germany than to Crawley?

The web-site is 10 years old today! If you're interested to see how it's evolved you can have a look.

... I then shifted from BTInternet because of an extremely unpleasant experience with a litigious freak, and got my own web-space with Netiva. You can see the constant theme changes here.

Just wrote a short post about the music I'm creating for The Venus Papers on the show's blog

Blog post about the upcoming The Venus Papers by @secretagent :

Listening to some great tracks from two different saxophonists I worked with: Nat Birchall and Gary Reader. The albums are on their way for each, I think, and both will be worth a perusal!

Gary's album is called Moja and will be on iTunes on June 10th.

I don't know the name to Nat's album, and I'm not sure when it'll be out either... but I suspect it will be soon too. Have a look at his site