Corey Mwamba


Entries for Oct 2010

Listening to Henry Threadgill's superb Zooid group on Vimeo: love the dynamics of the group, and Elliot Kavee's drumming—wow! You can hear the form in the pieces, but they have a beautiful sense of freedom too.

Woken up slightly concerned—loss of hearing and pain in left ear. Think the perforated eardrum is back to haunt me.

The trio is now on Bandcamp! You can listen and buy using their widgets on the sounds page. Hope you like!

I've uploaded hear us listen and In The Vortex to Bandcamp—listen and grab downloads!

I'm planning to record a new sextet project, with freshly written music. But I can't do it alone! If you'd like to help out, please go to Pledge Music. You get goodies in return! You'll also be donating to charity—in this case The Prince's Trust, without whom I would not have had my first instrument. Many thanks to all those who support!

New podcast is up! Head to the freebies section.

It actually looks like my sextet project, Heralds, will be on the move next year! Very exciting. Will drop in more news very soon!

Richard Kaby and Helena Dornellas took some stunning photos of the Albany gig with Arun on Sunday.

A gentle day after the London excursion: currently in the process of uploading the latest trio recording for download, and writing out the maps for Arun and Ntshuks for Mulungushi which we'll play on Saturday. Might even head out into fresh air today!

Today is going to be a VERY long day—an early trip to Leicester and a lot of running about! I'm also heading out to Oxjam Leicester at 2 o'clock too... I shall have to do a cunning subdividing trick!

Leicester was very quiet—but I think in a lot of ways the day went well. Liran Donin's new work [and band] were on fire! I was really pleased to be able to have that as a premiere.

My piece, Mulungushi was made all the more beautiful by Arun and Ntshuks. Although the piece isn't written out in a standard way, they really got to grips with it and lifted the work. This bodes well for my Heralds project, which seems to have grown exponentially since I decided to ask the guys about it a few months ago... we've got a mini-tour together now!

I've had an article published on Dev.Opera! Take a look.