Corey Mwamba


Entries for 23rd May 2018

It's not insomnia. I am just awake two hours earlier than normal. I do 4–6 hours of admin and 2–3 hours of playing (because of (s)kin) almost every day; but being in Graz last week has put me far, far behind...

The 12th International Jazz Conference in Graz was fascinating, intense, near giddying. Lots of new connections; old friendships. Plenty to think about. My own presentation went well, although I did run out of time.

My treatment in Graz outside the realms of the conference was okay—there was one place where I was resolutely not served for 20min but I think it bothered them more that I was there.

But—inside the conference it was an amazing feeling, one where an idea could be presented, or talked about—and then it was listened to and discussed. In full! Which has not been the story in my soon-to-be previous field.

Speaking of gigs, I'm in London with the legendary Paul Dunmall in June!