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Entries for 22nd Mar 2014

This will become much more interesting once I've got the Facebook posting to work.

Travelling by Ryanair so the long stick bag may not be an option... will it all fit??

Had a great break away from technology for a couple of days... but I'm back now.

Checking through e-mails and noticing that all those marked urgent had been resolved with no urgency at all.

There are days when you need to understand things, and act; and there are days when you need to listen, and wait.

It's like I've spent such a long time slowly coming round to that: of just taking things in without having to know a finer detail...

Zoning out to this: totally hypnotic.

from jm4dhs

Not seen this before. That great moment when Tchicai stares the cameraman down.

People on Facebook: no longer will you get a raw deal on status updates! I can now post to Twitter and Facebook and my site simultaneously.

It took a bit of a break from the computer: but I think I've finally got Facebook posting working now. Sorry for the random flood of messages...

Right. Time to pack. Manchester Airport, then to Belgium!