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Entries for 18th Mar 2014

Facebook posting woes.

Decided today to see if I could improve what I share from the site—but I can tell you it is not going well. There will be quite a few annoyed statuses until it works...

Other than that, today I'll be writing an essay: and then preparing to run away from technology for a few days. Feeling a need for a recharge.

Yesterday there were two lovely albums released: one from Chris Sharkey, Andy Champion and Joost Hendricx...

...and Trio Riot's great new album too!

On the course: it's going well. Got good mark for the contrafacts essay: and very happy with the feedback!

Ooh... possibly a breakthrough?

Looking forward to the Belgium trip with Nat Birchall on Sunday...

A VERY long time testing Facebook posting from the web-site. Hope it works!!

Thoroughly disappointing coding day.

Literally everything I've touched today has turned to ash. Off my PHP game today...