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Entries for 11th Feb 2014

The more I write, the fewer words I seem to be generating.

I write more, less appears.

Writing nothing now.

Why is it so hard to write about your own work?

I've finally got to a point where the music for the MRes is written. Reading takes you on funny paths. All sorts of connections and networks are created in your brain; but describing those connections into a singular path is proving very difficult.

But I have Jackie Maclean to cheer me up:

That song is actually quite interesting. I've seen it described as "modal", but I think it's tonal...

The video I just shared shows Maclean playing it with a B to Bm motion in the A section...

Maclean's original recording of the song moves from B to B♭ major... I'll try to find a video.

The Bm in Little Melonae had come in when Miles Davis recorded it in 1955:

Ah! Little Melonae—low sound quality—but with the B major: