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Entries for 17th Jun 2011

Here's another test... linking to a video of one of my primary influences

And another YouTube test... and another influence.

I remember having a compilation with Ira Sullivan. He was playing Everything Happens To Me and switched from tenor sax to trumpet, yet still sounded like himself. I'm loving the urgency of his solo here.

a new bit of coding madness is happening—have a look

One final test of the sharer... thanks to the Opera extensions spec, I was able to make a sharing button for my browser! The rest of the coding was relatively simple after that.

Well, here's another influence on me, very obvious one I think!

It's unbelievable that Ghost Town is 30 now. I felt it was rebellious not in the shouty way that punk was, but a real grittiness, laconic and brooding. A short article but nevertheless, an interesting springboard to other thoughts..