Corey Mwamba


Entries for 31st Mar 2011

Just testing more code... sorry. Today is a quiet day as it stands: working on an arrangement of Poulenc'S La Reine de Coeur, and recovering from Germany!

Speaking of which, I suspect the instrument will require an overhaul too... took a batter on the journeys. I took pictures—a rare thing for me to do, so with luck I'll be uploading them over the next few days. AND I'll write about it too!

For those that are interested in having a XMPP/Jabber micro-feed like this one, I'll be writing a tutorial in the next few weeks; probably on the testbed page.

Although the feed LOOKS like one of those Twitter feed you see everywhere, this one is not limited by character length; which comes in handy when you've got more to say than Twitter allows. So an essay could happen in your Jabber status, and appear as an article on your web-page.

But first a nice cup of coffee and some reading...

There's being some casualties in the arts funding mish-mash with regards to jazz; but luckily EMJazz has done all right, so congratulations to them!

I suppose the only thing we can do is keep going until they leave, and beyond!

But also hoping other committed promoters up and down the country were duly recognised. It's a mark of the risk-aversive nature of our current "rulers" to nail down the more liberated forms of expression.