Corey Mwamba


Entries for 6th Feb 2011

It's with regret that I've had to cancel the gig for the amazing Juliet Kelly—but with luck I'll be able to bring her to Derby another time!

I've changed the mapping service for the gigs from Yahoo to Google, as Google has better international address support. I'll be working on the code over the next few days so that the pages load faster too. There's a fair bit of redundant code to hack through—so there may be a few gremlins. Apologies in advance for any malfunctions.

Music-wise, I got mentioned in JazzUK twice in two months! First for the gig I did with Arun in Cambridge, and then Heralds got a mention in this month's, and the "blue lollipop rage" photo reared its head. Even though they're small, it's still nice to appear in the scene's most respected mag!

Oh, and while I remember: there's a new podcast. In MP3 and Ogg Vorbis formats, so everyone can grab it!

Now I've actually got this mini-blogging mechanism sorted out, I'm finding it much quicker to use than when I have to write up the rambles. I may have to shift the mechanism over...

For those that care, I'm using XMPP/Jabber and feeding messages to here. It's very light and doesn't require any major coding—just a bit of PHP, a good Jabber service and a cron job. Nifty.

Well, that was quicker than I thought. Turns out that Google Maps geo-coding is very slow, so sticking with Yahoo to get coordinates, and Google to display the maps—which is not a bad compromise. If you have a location-aware device I think the Google map should show you directions too; and there's a minuscule speed improvement.

Here's one of the most creative reviews I've seen: it's for Heralds, and it's by Sarah Razvi. She's really picked out the intensity and different layers of the sound—and we hope to do it again soon!