Corey Mwamba



This was a commission by Derby Jazz for its 30th year. There's a dedicated page on the Derby Jazz site.

Using the model of the orrery itself I created and devised new work to represent some of the ideas that shaped our thinking about astronomy and astrology around the time of the Enlightenment.

the score for Orrery

Press quotes

Corey Mwamba's piece, Orrery, commissioned to celebrate 30 years of Derby Jazz, connects an expansive range of ideas and local cultural heritage as well as being an exhilarating piece of creativity. [...]

This is a capacious work in sound, in which musicians become the planets moving physically through the concert space, orbiting the rhythmic presence of the Corey Mwamba's trio - the heart of the sun. Mwamba has combined the musical mysteries of Coltrane, Miles and Sun Ra to create a powerful piece of improvisation with a scholarly basis in local history as well as cosmic concerns. Jazzwise