I don't live in Derby. Could I have made it?

YES, you probably could have. And in fact, some people did!

One Note Sunday started at 6:30p.m. The music STARTED at that time. The good thing about that time was that it allowed almost anyone from almost anywhere to come to the gig and get back (most gigs were done by 8p.m.)

Here's a short list of later trains from Derby to some cities/towns on Sundays, with a maximum of one change required, that would allow you to hear most (if not all) of the gig and get back by midnight at the latest.

Why didn't you do a flat fee?

Not everyone can afford a flat fee: giving a simple financial support structure enables people to choose how much they want to support the music: and flat fee charging is boring.

Did you give change for notes?

Yes, but there was no float; so if you were the first to arrive and handed over £10 and you were on your own but wanted to pay £5, you had to support the pub by buying a drink or crisps/nuts.

Didn't everyone pay £5?

NO. And that's the really interesting thing. Quite a few people paid £5, but some people paid £10 straight off; and some of those who paid £5 came back and paid more. The supporter of the event didn't have to stop giving just because they'd paid once, and if they valued it enough, they would give more.

But money isn't the point of charging one note. If everyone chooses to pay £5 but there are 100 people who really want to be there to listen to the music, that's better than charging a flat fee of £10 per ticket but getting 20-30 people in per gig; and in fact may not be worse monetarily than 70 people at the flat fee gig (yes, it's £500 versus £700 - but as many musicians will tell you, the chances of seeing £700 of money after bringing in that £700 are usually quite slim).

And of course, there are those who value live music higher than others, and can afford (and would want) to give more.

This is the point: the money from the door goes to the artists - if you believe in supporting and valuing the arts and live, interesting music that you don't normally get in the city, then being able to choose how much you want to support it from month to month is still supporting and valuing the arts. It all counts. As long as you turn up!

Why are there no sound-clips?

Bear this in mind:

prior information you may have about some music is no guarantee of your enjoyment (or lack thereof) when you go to a gig.

If you're the sort of person who goes to gigs you will know of The Disappointing Let-down;

It doesn't matter how much you've paid or how much you know beforehand. Sticking with what you "know" doesn't always work out.

The idea of One Note Sunday is for you to Try New Things: so turn up, listen and make up your own mind.

You will only truly know if you like it or not if you experience it.

We are of course hoping that you'll like it. But no one will ask you to "understand" it - just appreciate and support what's happening at the time.

You may hear something you can't stand; or you could just find the band that explains your life. But you won't know unless you're there to find out.

Can I make a suggestion?

Not any more! Sorry.