Corey Mwamba


7ArtSpace II [with Alexander Hawkins]

Seven Arts, 31A Harrogate Road, Leeds LS7 3PD, England


Corey Mwamba | Dave Kane | Joshua Blackmore create living music, for people, in the moment.

Each of these players has a wide expressive range and command of their instrument, improvising pieces that sound as if they're pre-composed: drum 'n' bass, African music, folk and free jazz are all evident in their muscular, exhilarating and elemental music.

"The trio merged effortlessly from sparse and minimalist to chaotic but organised, making sure the audience never knew what direction they would go in next." Mancunian Matters, July 2011

"Orchestral... Elemental. Four stars" Manchester Evening News

For this performance the astounding pianist Alexander Hawkins is substituting for Joshua Blackmore.