Corey Mwamba


Sacred Dimension 5tet

Pizza Express Soho, 10 Dean Street, London W1D 3RW, England

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Over the last few years British saxophonist and composer Nat Birchall has carved out a singular niche for himself. A deeply soulful, spiritual saxophonist whose beautiful recordings for the Gondwana label have moved people to suggest that the spirit of Coltrane was alive and well in Northern England. But Birchall is more than a slavish imitator of Coltrane's sound, there is a sense of tranquillity and depth of feeling in Birchall's music that recalls more than just Coltrane's notes and a desire for honest, soulful communication.

The new album Sacred Dimension is a clear progression from his two most recent albums, building on Akhenaten's spiritual wholeness and Guiding Spirit's fuller sound, but with a new richer, deeper sound. Harpist Rachel Gladwin features on all tracks bringing her own beautiful, folk tinged take on jazz harp to the music and vibist Corey Mwamba guests and brings a soulful openness to the music as well as a real energy. Pianist Adam Fairhall also plays on the album, and appears with Birchall playing his live gigs.