CSS-styled timelines with RDFa semantics

The following timelines can be parsed for RDF from this page; and then the RDF could be used to make an iCalendar file which can be added to Outlook or any calendar application. View the source of this page to see how it works; or read the details here.

The styling work is not mine - it is an adaptation of the fine work of Matt Bango.

Extract the timelines in this page as an iCalendar file. The specification allows multiple iCalendar objects in the same file; but for production work it may be better to have one timeline per document.

So - here's an abstract timeline: no dates are set, but each event has a duration. This cannot be done with hCalendar as the specification stands. See this on a separate page.

And here's a mock-up of my band timeline, with dates. The list width is 60ems, so 1 year = 5ems. There's no axis - but because the start years are presented (using CSS generated content) it isn't necessarily required. And it's still machine-parseable. See this on a separate page.

Have a look at the RDF graphs that these timelines produce.