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A small amount of tidying to make the RSS feeds functional again!

Wayne Shorter talks about Struggle.

And here's the second part!

Lovely review of Sunshine! Quartet from Sandy Brown Jazz!

Thanks to everyone who made out to Out Front! last night—Mat, Lucian and I had a blast!

The creative mind, in its day-to-day functioning, must be a critical mind.

Aaron Copland, Music and Imagination

Lovely day at RWCMD with Gawain Hewitt yesterday!

There was a point, just before the end of college, where the hills that surrounded my mood had evolved into mountains. I did not know how to choose. The not knowing added granite, basalt. In this valley, I sought refuge in the library. The array of plastic cases carried iron, silts of memory. I did not know how to choose. My hand moved towards one of an artist I had discounted before. I did not know how to choose. I sought refuge in my room and filled it with a sound. Three men; one near the end of his, knowing and communicating before his eventual silence. My mood looked up from the valley and saw only trees, and sun. From that point, I knew that I did not know how to choose. So I learned how to pay attention instead.

We do not know who or why. But we can all know resilience, care, and love. These are ours to give, always.

Getting stuff together for the Midlands3Cities Research Festival in Leicester today!

The Midlander is ready to go!


Having my brain and skin melted at #M3C17 festival!

Me and this guy.


"Play that back, Teo."

Listening to various messes. So many details that were brought forward; rescinded; polished.

"Play that back, Teo."

Again. There must be more to this than what is there. "Teo..."

This must be changed. Learn to choose. It is not enough to pay attention. Choose. Understand this mess.

"Miles, your sandwiches are here."