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Entries for Jul 2016

Put sunglasses on to head to the station: forget normal glasses in case at home. Standard. See me not see, later in London!

Do we call it a constant shift in tempo; or breath? Transcribing "Mood" from E.S.P.

Cameron, extended


More from the pen of David.


New gig: Beneath The Waves (with Gawain Hewitt)—

Boriserations: the sentiment expressed when one finds out that a person who made a pig's ear out of something (and that everyone accused of running away) is actually, above all sense, given a job to fix things.

New gig: Solo (double bill with Tipping Point)—

Had an amazing time in Leeds on Friday. Tipping Point were brilliant! Thanks for coming if you did!

Have I mentioned that yana is recording live next week; and that I've love you to be there?

New gig: with Nicole Mitchell and Mark Sanders—