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Entries for May 2016

Listen carefully. We want to transmit what we do live as faithfully as we can through a recording; all the love, language, and groove involved in making open, living music. To do this we have signed with the great Two Rivers Records. The recording will be released on vinyl and in digital format in 2017, which will be our tenth anniversary as a group. We're excited.

A quiet test of Facebook posting, while drinking mint tea and waiting for my hands to stop aching.

Looking forward to the Midlands3Cities events this week!

Hooray, I can post to Facebook again!!

This week is mainly concerned with attending the Midlands3Cities welcome events. A couple of brain-busting days is exactly what I need...

Had a great time working with Seth Bennett and Laura Cole on Friday in Leeds; and Sloth Racket were wonderful!

New gig: Bonga/Champion/Mwamba—On The Outside 2016—

Very subtle web-site refresh. Not finished yet... but it's happening...

And — a good time to have a look at the recordings...

Just in time too. My site is 16(!!) years old in ten days' time.

Quite a few changes to the CSS (better for mobiles, lighter) this year; and clearing of some pages.

If you're using Safari on an iPhone, could you have a look at my site please? I'm trying to fix an issue...

Thanks so much to everyone that contacted me with screenshots. I didn't have an iPhone to hand, but I can report that the Safari issues have been fixed.

Today's musical lesson:

Another day, another battle with server spikes! If you were having problems with the site yesterday, apologies... it was my fault. Again.

Sixteen's a difficult age #websitebirthday

Slow writing day.

It began, as all days should, at 1a.m. But now...

Who knows how long I'll be able to stay awake?

Still, very much looking forward to next Tuesday with Rowland at Out Front!!

And... I have a basic (safer) implementation of status updates on the front page.

Small site typography day. All the Rambles pages use appropriate dashes. It's the little things.

Facebook API day. Again! I'm almost certain they change methods daily...

Someone tried to sign-in using e-mail: but it was broken. You didn't tell me it was broken; but just to let you know, IT'S FIXED NOW.

Going through old CSS experiments, like this one: worth keeping on the site?

Once again, killing the Guardian website process as it reaches 79% usage of CPU.

The article was mainly text. So how on Earth does it get to that point?