Corey Mwamba


Entries for Oct 2015

Excited to be heading to Glasgow to see my friends in GIO in November!


Received a bundle of learning material from Robert Mitchell... some beautiful tunes for the Green Note gig!

Also trying to fix the Facebook posting... AGAIN

Have my Facebook woes ended yet?

Thankfully, it seems that I've finally got Facebook posting working again. Sorry to everyone who has missed[??] my updates on there!

Off to Hamburg with Richard Spaven and company!

Up stupidly early, but supping hot lemon whilst staring at "mutated hexadic scale patterns of the supra-diatonic scale". Life's incredible.

Will definitely be attempting to sleep on the train later.

Great time at the UberJazz festival with Richard Spaven and the crew, as well as hanging out with Shabaka Hutchings and the Sons of Kemet!

My joy of getting my Glock(enspiel) through security was only slightly marred by the three-hour delay from Hamburg and Movenpick machine not giving me my ice-cream.

Is this a Vivaldi bug or a Chromium bug?