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Entries for May 2015

Would you like to contribute to my stick fund?

Had a good time [albeit brief] with Han-earl Park and Dominic Lash on Saturday!

Absolutely incredible gig with Rachel Musson, Mark Sanders and Neil Charles yesterday! That will happen again...

Had a fun weekend playing with Sid Peacock on Friday; followed by complete bed rest on Saturday. Still tired...

Admin today consists of updating my biography: one of the dullest jobs in the world.

Great night at LUME. The saxophone quartet sounded amazing!


My own offering was less exciting; although I did throw in some Ellington.

Bloody Hell. Wasted massive amounts of time coding my own WebID service. Maybe I should call it quits and admit it's redundant.

I still like the idea of using client certificates to log in though; so might work on something simple to do just that.

This tutorial was a great help over the last two days...

New gig: ACOUTASTiC BOMBASTic Show and Tell—