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Entries for Apr 2015

Tidy write-up on The Spirit Farm—Adam Fairhall, Dave Kane, the Hunters Bros. and Chris De Bezenac! Album drops 27.IV.15!

Also excited to be recording with Nick Malcolm next week! Alex Bonney at the controls...

AND I'm with Engine Room Favourites in Sheffield on Wednesday! Hope to see you.

Reflecting on my time at Keele and feeling thankful for it. Writing is going well!

Later: Martin Archer's Engine Room Favourites at The Lescar!

Music and politics CAN mix as long as you express the politics required at the time.

If you're an artist and make headlines using politics, don't be surprised when people react to your politics at a time of their choosing.

Some people have to live by their biology; others by their choices.

That "running while Black"—living by biology—is a cause for shooting is disturbing.

That being "cancelled for an ideology" happens is sad, unfortunate; but perhaps not really that bad.

One has the option to live; for the other, the only option is to die.

Some have the option of living through publicity; others have the option of dying for no good reason at all.

Unholy acid reflux!! Still, a chance to sooth it with Walt...

Shhh... don't tell him, but I'm down in London now to catch Alexander Hawkins' gig at Oto...

Sheffield! Tomorrow yana will be in you—see you there?

Tomorrow! yana with Johnny Hunter heads to the lovely Newcastle... Hope to see you there!