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Entries for Feb 2015

Rachel Musson and I are having a great time in Germany! The gig in Bochum last night was lovely, looking forward to Münster tonight!

Münster—yeah! Good times with Rachel Musson on the trip. Off to Essen later...

Fantastic gig last night with Rachel Musson, Carl Ludwig Hübsch and Gunda Gottschalk! Köln today!

Düsseldorf with Rachel Musson, Paul Lytton and Nicola Hein was lovely! Off to Bielefeld today.

Deliriously happy at having a kettle and a bath in the hotel room. Bielefeld was a fantastic night; Rachel Musson sounded amazing, as did Albrecht Maurer and Simon Camatta. Now to Hagen for the last trip!

That satisfying feeling of completing something in PHP that provides something very mundane.

Far too much of my face in this; but still, a nice video of me and Rachel Musson!

In other news, I've been totally b-slapped by Facebook's API today.

So, SO good to see my brothers Dave Kane and Joshua Blackmore yesterday, on musical and personal levels.

Got around to updating some of the projects I'm involved in: take a look!

Clark Terry.

I am not a great fan of cinema. I am also not a fan of awards. So please, forgive my lack of Oscars coverage.

Remind me never to leave gig listing so late again.

Learning a lovely new song from Nick Malcolm that's actually in simple duple meter! Maybe it does get easier...

...but translating piano parts to vibes is a delicate process. Balancing of colour.

Possibly worth pointing out that a vibraphone is not a piano. It's superficial to compare them "because the layout's the same".

Of course, I have seen one or two journalists do this; they are very much on my naughty step.

If you're interested, I talk a bit about my playing technique in the following Ramble.

New Ramble: Use.

The more astute among you will notice the connection with my last Ramble and the one preceding.

Anyway, enough writing! Time to pack things and get ready for Nick Malcolm's lovely music.


Home, and recovered. Great playing with Nick Malcolm, Olie Brice and Ric Yarborough on Thursday...

Oh—and then a FANTASTIC hang with Nick Malcolm, Cath Roberts, Dee Byrne and Tom Ward!

Fantastic news!! Arts Council England is supporting the yana U.K. tour this April–May. Absolutely chuffed to bits!