Corey Mwamba


Entries for Dec 2014

The e-mail catch-up is intense today. Where did all these come from?

I'm very happy to announce that I've been awarded a distinction for my MRes! I'll write more later, but now off for a wine!

The Family Album with Saxoctopus was astounding! Happy kids listening to big sounds: very cheering!

London! The Midlander is drinking your beer and playing with your folk: specifically Olie Brice and Cath Roberts!

Beautiful gig with Bitten by a Monkey. Superb way to round off the year!

But have to admit to being very low on sticks! If you'd like to help replenish my stick fund, please buy my music!

Goodbye Yahoo! Maps for the gigs pages now use Mapquest again.

Looking forward to Christmas; and February, when I hit Germany with Rachel Musson for a week! More info soon...

I hope everyone is having a peaceful, rest-filled day today.