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Entries for Jun 2014

Had some really nice comments about "studio drama": thank you! Head to Bandcamp to download or listen...

I had to write a reflective journal for the MRes. It's quite rambly, but have a read [if you like].

Lovely gig with Arun Ghosh yesterday: great to meet everyone, including Alice Zawadzki, Jason Singh Liran Donin and Yazz Ahmed!

Running very low on mallets! If you'd like to help me get some, please buy my music: many thanks for any support!

A day of admin and writing. Nice not to be travelling for a bit...

At Long White Cloud far too early... come say hello!

New gig: with Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra—

Home. So good to play with Cath Roberts and Olie Brice last night—music for the spirit!

Bloomsday: Joyce alludes to the strength of the rebel against dominant forces

Today's musical lesson: Dedication.

This morning certainly requires some fresh mint tea.

Writing music on staves, for relaxation. The course has driven me to strange habits.

Reading through my treatise for the course. Constantly moving target. #

Wow! John Rylands Library is a lovely place. Can't wait to fill with sound!

Did I mention how good it was playing with Dave Kane today? No? Well, it was AMAZING. Such a good time in Manchester #openlivingmusic

Small update to my MRes mini-site, especially on the reflections page!

First time using a video camera, filming bits for my MRes project. Ridiculously stressful!

To Nottingham! Working with Nottingham Jazz Steps with two schools, creating new collaborative work.

Wow!! Great couple of sessions in Notts: lovely to see young children really engage with improvising and arranging. Buzzing!

Procrastinating from cooking by wondering if I can indeed listen to too much Wayne Shorter. I may go hungry tonight.

No—wait—I can hear it from the kitchen! Silly me. So the answer's definitely "no".

Family-friendly music project is now slightly more real, thanks to Arts Council England!! :)

Off to Nottingham again today for the Nottingham Jazz Steps schools improv project!

Today is a glock day!