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Entries for Aug 2013

Robert Mitchell shared this on Twitter a few hours ago. An excellent video, with inspiring words about the internal practices of music. Watch and learn!

Really. At about the five-and-a-half-minute mark. Do you think Derek Bailey was correct?

Thanks to Virgin Media's varying levels of service, I'm still without the Internet at home; but currently using my mobile phone as a modem—the new old school! The summer has not been as quiet as I feared it would be, a mercy. Finished some "identity" music for Film Africa Festival, and will be starting work with great bloke and fellow vibist Martin Pyne on a project by the choreographer Sheron Wray. And of course, gathering thoughts for my course in the autumn. I've actually got heaps more to talk about, like One Note Sunday and future levels of gigs, but it'll have to wait... for Virgin Media... again...