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Entries for Jul 2013

This is a lovely treatment, with Chris Biscoe taking it to another place and Kate Westbrook showing all the emotion in the song. I remember hearing Mike Westbrook play solo at the Barbican in 2005, when I played with Orphy Robinson and Evan Parker—and have been a fan since then.

Can't believe I've never found this before. Rouse is my favourite saxophonist and his sound and work is a formative influence; to hear him talk about work is gold.

Following on from Alexander Hawkins' great spot on Jazzon3 last night. There are clips—but this is the full film, and you hear the eloquence of The Master at the beginning.

Just got back from meeting up with Lucian Ban, after the gig in Bucharest with Robert Mitchell. Audience here was lovely, really enjoyed playing with Deborah, Neil and Laurie. Such a great band! Many thanks to Alex for lending me his vibes—playing my own tomorrow in London!

This is just so funky and rugged. Perfect dance music!

Just found this.

Worth watching if only for Eubie Blake at the beginning!

Thanks to Tim Owen from Dalston Sound. Gold.