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Entries for Jun 2013

Busy learning Robert Mitchell's ridiculous material for the gig in Bucharest, by listening to a choral concert he did in Southampton. Fantastic—hope a wider public gets to hear the work at some point!

Made a new search by tags facility for the Rambles. Let me know if it works for you!

Beautifully clear video by Robert Laing from Splinter Jazz. The sound was great in the room and fantastic on this video. Andy and Ntshuks [who really should be recognised as a unique and masterful voice on the saxophone] are amazing on this.

I noticed that Dave Kane and Calum Gourlay were talking about Scott LafFaro; so I thought I'd do a search and dug up this. Several things to pin on the wall in this fascinating interview, that resonate with me in terms of thinking about music, practice and the trio.

from chavrik

There's no description to this live video, but I'm pretty sure that it's NHØP on bass and Kenny Drew on piano; if the drummer is Alex Riel [and I think it is] then this is in Montmartre from the early 1960s and possibly around the time Kirk in Copenhagen was recorded: however, that record has Tete Montoliu and J. C. Moses, and according to the Jazz Discography Kirk never recorded with either Drew or Riel.

So today: off to hear Metamorphic and Røyst at the Voicebox at 8pm tonight!

Landed in Leeds, after our train had be pulled—vandals wrecking things again. But still, very much looking forward to tonight—head down if you are about!

The gig with Lê Quan Ninh and Paul Dunmall was beautiful! We started with me, Dave Kane and Paul in a trio; Paul always sounds phenomenal, but this was only the second time I'd played with him—and the first time up-close, so it was real treat. After us, Chris Sharkey and Matthew Bourne treated us to a fantastic cello and acoustic guitar duo. To top it all, Ninh's set was absorbing: using a large bass drum as a sound surface, he made it sing, resonate and thunder with various sticks, gongs and found objects.

The second half started with Ninh and Matthew [on a sweet couple of Moogs] in a short duo, and then the rest of us chipped in. So good to be making that kind of music—many thanks to Fusebox for asking me down!