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Entries for Oct 2012

Up early—stuff to do! But this evening—Lydia's show, Reading The Body! If you can make it down, I think it will be a special night... this begins a whole sequence of gigs, of course since tomorrow I'm in Manchester and the day after that I'm recording for Martin Archer. Conserving my strength...

What a lovely night for Lydia's gig yesterday! If you came along you can leave a comment on the gig's page.

But today—off to Manchester for a play with Dave Kane and Chris Sharkey!

Just hit Sheffield. Bounty and crisps—the lunch of a champion.

So—I decided to make a separate page for DOME. Info is currently scant—but as more people get involved [hint, hint]...

Please sign up to the mailing list, and let's talk!

Sat in my hotel room, waiting for breakfast to start in fifty-five minutes. Sirens and traffic noise mark out how far away I am from home.

Right! Off to Tower Hamlets and then somewhere past Lewisham to work with two pupil referral units. Should be an inspiring day!!

I've never seen this in full—there are so many greats in this it's amazing. I have a lot of this in mind for the little chat Alex Hawkins and I will be having soon...

Gig with Joe Cox and Tom Wheatley was a corker. And the workshop was really well received—free improvising was a new thing for the group of young people but they really dug in and created some beautiful moments!! In addition, Mansfield Library has a great performance space—might be well worth a trip for East Midlanders... Southwell tomorrow!

Had a lovely time—Southwell's library is a wonderfully flexible space; and it seems like there's a a full programme of events there too! The audience was warm and appreciative... all looking good for Worksop today!

What a great end to the tour! Worksop's new library [two years old] is a great space, modern but tastefully done and practical.

There was a lovely audience, and I was literally breaking out the tunes! Tom Wheatley and Jay Davis are names to watch out for—I suspect you'll be seeing them pop up in all sorts of places...

Wrote a small thing to enable you to withhold your details when posting comments. I may change the mechanism of this based on feedback; but please let me know if it works for you, and if you like it!

Right—early start for London, rehearsing for Arun's double showing of Prince Achmed. If you're near the Albany tomorrow, come along!

Many thanks to Paul Jones for recording this—this is the first "song" from my set with Dave Kane in Manchester. Hope you like!

Now this is sped up, but only slightly, by a semitone. Ridiculously fast—and towards the end, free—and notice Hamp use four mallets in the middle? Fantastic.