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Entries for Jun 2011

I had such fun in Birmingham! John Morris, Andy Maclean, Bunny... a proper family reunion. It's been far too long... but now focussing on tonight's performance with Lydia.

We've had a switch of musician for Derby as well: DAVE—yes Dave Kane—is doing it tonight!

coding busy-ness: every page now has a share icon, just after the title: and I've made myself a vcard so you can grab my details quickly! here it is.

Here's another test... linking to a video of one of my primary influences

And another YouTube test... and another influence.

I remember having a compilation with Ira Sullivan. He was playing Everything Happens To Me and switched from tenor sax to trumpet, yet still sounded like himself. I'm loving the urgency of his solo here.

a new bit of coding madness is happening—have a look

One final test of the sharer... thanks to the Opera extensions spec, I was able to make a sharing button for my browser! The rest of the coding was relatively simple after that.

Well, here's another influence on me, very obvious one I think!

It's unbelievable that Ghost Town is 30 now. I felt it was rebellious not in the shouty way that punk was, but a real grittiness, laconic and brooding. A short article but nevertheless, an interesting springboard to other thoughts..

This is a beautiful video, in which a master musician explains and is in love with his process.

I've had a busy weekend re-writing scores: transferring them from Lime to Musescore, which I'm finally getting used to. The process is not particularly difficult as both Lime and Musescore understand MusicXML, but there is a lot of music to send over!

This was in 1976—the year before Kirk died, and from the looks of it after the stroke which paralysed his right arm. Amazing and inspiring.


Newcastle today! Got a long but enjoyable day ahead, meeting artist Dawn Lehrer and then the gig with Mat Maneri! Hopefully see you there.

Well, that was amazing. We had a real blast last in Newcastle. Mat Maneri was fantastic, a lovely human being; and George Burt and Andy Champion were great too— it was a real joy to play! Hoping there'll be more.

Something rousing for the morning!

Bah. No Glastonbury for me today: mix-up of times. Ah well. Still, sunny day in Derby and a chance to "mend my nets" and do some learning. I'm finally recovered from the music feast that was Newcastle too. Chillaxin', like no one says.

Off to the Silk Mill today to the Arts and Craft Fair—also going to look around... ideas forming...

Really hip bop here. Gibbs' sound is really bright and swinging—a pure model of musicality. And the double feature..!!

I've updated my descriptive harmony style guide—about time really. Would appreciate feedback!

The power and grace of Elvin is astounding here.

A fascinating film that shows a tiny glimmer into a master's process...

Here's the second part.