Corey Mwamba


Entries for Nov 2010

I've moved musify over to Sourceforge completely now, and made small updates to the code!

It's all about London Jazz Festival at the moment—although I also have some writing to do for the poet Lydia Towsey, and LOTS of prep for Heralds. Speaking of which, if you'd like to hear Heralds near you, just get in touch! If you know a local promoter it'd be great to get the group out there!

In London from 1 o'clock-ish should be free from about 4... then gig with Dave Kane! Get in touch if you want to hang out over Friday... although I will have the instrument in tow! Hope to see you tonight!

Finally back from the London madness! Caught up with everyone, and even bumped into Geri Allen which was AMAZING. Totally star-struck. I will have to write about it at some point.

Today however I'll be working with another star: I'm composing the music for poet Lydia Towsey's new work The Venus Papers. I'll stick it on the listings, ver' ver' soon.