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Entries for Sep 2010

It's that time of year again... the web-site design is changing. But I'd really like some feedback. And if you do, you could win one of my albums of your choosing! Just contact me, letting me know what browser you're using and how you think the site looks! Closing date's Sunday 26th September. Good luck!

It's a long shot, but if anyone can help me fix the previous expr. I'd be very grateful.

Ha! Fixed it. Solution: <strong>don't use XPath</strong>. Right, down to some quiet listening: more Shostakovich.

Doing some more Coltrane listening. All sorts of myths being dug out...

Just got a card in the post: an extra quid for item short on postage by 10p. Still, it might be CD of solo from Accidental Powercut!

Happy #Shostakovich day! I'm all set up... CDs and book at the ready.

Today will also be a day of being outside. Derby Feste is still on, and I've promised to take a look and see its various delights.

I've been lurgied. Just a massive ball of lurgy and phlegm. Gah.

Just been working on slightly better filtering of these short messages: and finding to be very flexible indeed! So longer messages for the site, shorter ones for Twitter.

This lurgy has made me productive—and I don't just mean my cough. I've written a PHP function for notating chords: have a look, please give me feedback!

Musify is all done,and now has its own page:
Off to Coventry today with great bloke and trombonist Mark Miller for today's gig with BIO.