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Entries for Feb 2010

Well, I've moved again. Waiting for Virgin to connect me, so maybe in the next year or so...

Best chance for anyone to get hold of me this next two weeks is to come to a gig [wink].

The house move was quite stressful, thanks to our despicably slack letting agents, but we're in now—I've made up for the loss of the garage by taking residence in a massive room inside the house. It's very nice, and very handy for local amenities... not that I'll be seeing much of them over the fortnight: in Reading Saturday, a recording session with The Heliocentrics and Lloyd Miller on Sunday; then more gigs... busy, busy. It's tiring, but good.

I'm shattered from the travel—a fair few hours standing on a train there and back, and a good forty-five minutes trying to find the place—but the Rising Sun is a wonderfully interesting space: what they achieve there, with only good-will, puts lots of better-known places to shame.

The audience were warm and friendly and although we were tired—Dave having a massive car trek from Leeds -we played some lovely music. One of the audience took a short video too!

Still, got to wake up for London and Cardiff back-to-back!