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Entries for Jan 2010

It's changed. I did warn you...

I've disabled the bits that aren't finished yet—but that's not going to take too long! Hope you like the new look of the site! I've added some pages too—let me know what you think.

So, what else has happened? Well, not much... just getting ready for the gig in Stratford on Sunday; writing some bits of music, and generally shaking myself into the year. I'm doing a bit of research into another solo electronics collection too, so expect small rambles about that through the year. Hope all's well where you are...

We had a great time in Stratford—the venue really works as an acoustic room. Dave and Joshua were sounding great! I was a bit ropey but warmed up gradually; I was feeling a bit jittery with the horror of knowing I have to move house. Again.

But still, a lovely musical set—and typically of Stratford, in front of a healthy, listening audience. There should be more places like that. The Vortex next!..

New to the site: Comments!

I've added a comments form on the rambles page now! It's moderated at the moment to avoid spam, etc.; and it's under a trial so if it proves too much hassle then I can remove it. But it'd be nice to hear from people directly!

If you're even vaguely interested in the arts, there's a chance to find out what broad plans the Arts Council has for the next five years; and for you to comment and ask questions about those broad plans. Which is a good thing.

If you'd like to get involved—and you don't have to be an artist to do so—head to the Arts Council's consultation page.

On first reading, it's quite jargon-laden—so perhaps not a five-minute magazine survey. But then, since arts provision here is important to me, I'm quite glad about that.

It's a pity that the gig was so intimate: perhaps having more people in the venue would cover the PRS fee? But all the same, the people who were there formed a great audience and fed us enough energy to play a lovely gig.

My state of mind had settled since finding somewhere to live, so I felt able to concentrate on listening to the others, who had lots of great musical things to say. The trumpeter Alex Bonney was there again, and once more showed off his gorgeous tone and lyricism. So a good night!

But tonight, after Cotmanhay, it's Derby.

In short: a fantastic night.

There were heaps of people for this one; once again a fair few people I didn't know, which is always good. I think we needed to play to a healthy audience after the Vortex; and Derby delivered. In that situation it makes it much easier to give back musically, and I think we did: we had a ball!

So, thank you very much indeed.

Reading next!