Corey Mwamba


Entries for 17th Mar 2020

The podium. The stage. The elevation of one above all. The raising of a singular voice above communities, families. This is what democracy looks like; platforms built for The Detached to splinter groups, using words.

The question: is the dais raised, or the floor recessed? The words of the Detached give several indications. This is not my responsibility. We are in a war. The economy will come roaring back.

It matters not. The floor is uneven. And perhaps it should be, so that some voices can be heard clearly. The room is darkened, dimmed; only some people hold lanterns, papers.

There is not enough space to read the same source/to understand the words/to speak at the same time. But note, as The Detached ascend the steps, that we cannot see where their papers are.

We see pages, scattered among other pages, all messages from machines: BUY! DO NOT BUY! SAVE! SPEND! GO OUT! STAY IN! TAKE! TAKE! TAKE!

Some words are missing: some pages are intentionally left blank.